Top 13 Habits to Become an Overachieving Real Estate Investor

Below you will find the Top 13 Habits to becoming an overachiever. You are urged to adopt them, if you truly want to attract better than average success in your life. These habits have already proven themselves to be powerful - all you need to do is put them into action in your life. Here they are:

1. Take Full Responsibility for All Results in Your Life – Good & Bad You create your own luck (good and bad) by putting yourself in the right frame of mind to accept success. Taking responsibility for both good and bad situations actually allows you to reduce the number of bad situations and increase the number of good ones - you automatically avoid putting yourself in bad situation once you start to take responsibility for them! You'll find that it is easy to take full responsibility for you good results, and easy to make excuses or blame others for bad results. Overachievers know that both bad and good occur and that there is no one else to blame for either.

2. Deal With Problems Immediately - Don't let problems sit around amd fester because they will never disappear on their own, they invariably get bigger and more difficult to solve the longer you wait. If there is a person, situation or any negativness that shows up, deal with it at that moment.

3. Don't Second Guess Your Decisions After They're Made – Stand By Your Decisions - There are enough other people in the world who will second guess what you're doing, don't join the chorus! Once you make a decision, stick with it... no one will make only good decisions (it's impossible), but accept your decision and follow-through, and if it has created a problem, see #2 above - but don't beat yourself up over it.

4. Embrace Change – The famous quote says "Change is the only constant in life" and that saying is so true, especially if you are committed to moving forward in your life. Change in life is inevitable, many people fear it, while the super successful embrace it. Whenever there's change, there's opportunity. Look for things changing in your life and ask yourself how best to prepare for it! Constant change is one of the things you CAN'T control, so you might as well enjoy it and take advantage of it while everyone else is frozen in fear.

5. Take Pride in and Celebrate All Your Accomplishments - Large & Small Look for reasons to be proud of what you do. Celbrations don't need to be large, they can be as simple as rewarding yourself an hour of listening to your favorite music in the middle of the day, to taking someone out to your favorite restaurant all the way up to taking a month in the Caribbean. Create celebrations, big and small, throughout your life. Place your first offer on a property - celebrate whether it is accepted or rejected. Buy your 50th property, celebrate even though by that point buying feels automatic. Meet with the banker and have them say YES - celebrate. Life is a journey not a destination, you'll be shocked at how good life feels when you're always looking for the positive in it.

6. Never Fall for Sales Pitches or False Promises – Always do homework and due diligence on whatever it is someone is trying to push on you. Make sure you know what you want and be willing to hunt it down at the terms you want. In today's society, people will constantly try to push you into things that aren't exactly what you want - don't let them... you're in complete control. There is no reason to keep up with "The Jonese" other than ego. Basing your decisions on ego will end up knocking you flat on your back. This is your life, you control it, so make it a series of experiences you enjoy rather than regret.

7. Use Debt Wisely. Use other people's (and other institution's) money to become wealthy. Only Borrow Money for ventures to increase your net worth (create wealth), never borrow to increase your lifestyle. If you can't afford a 'lifestyle product' then don't buy it (this is considered bad debt). However, if you can borrow money to invest in something that will increase your net worth, then maximize this 'good debt.'

8. See Opportunity Where Others See Obstacles. Most people in the world focus on reasons why NOT to do something - the super successful look for good solid reasons why they SHOULD take action. This is one of the most important habit to attain. Other people will make most of their decisions based on fear (a terrible emotion) and thus create obstacles that don't really exist. Your job is to focus on the reality of the situation - not the emotions and look for ways to make situations work, rather than not work.

9. Know the Difference Between Fantasy & Reality. Many people live in a fantasy world, hoping that luck will fix their problems, wishing that the world was different than it really is. The super successful know that no matter what they wish to happen - it's not luck that makes it occur, it's action. Look at the reality of every situation and always ask What’s Behind The Curtain? (in other words, no matter what they tell you, try to see if they are hiding something or pushing you in a direction for a reason) Remember, you make your own luck by working hard at what you want and focusing on the facts no the wishes!

10. Don't Expect to Do Everything Yourself – Surround Yourself With people you trust and who know more than you do! Be honest with yourself regarding your abilities. We can't be good at everything but we all have the potential to be GREAT at one thing. And once you choose that 'thing' then that's where you should focus. Then, on the things you're not so good at, find someone who is much better than you at it and get them as part of your team. This habit works whether you're just starting out, or are a veteran investor.

11. Treat Life Like A Business – Take Charge of ALL Aspects! Find balance between focus and fun, treat everyone in your life with respect (even if they are not respectful to you). Life is like a business, you have income and expenses, you have good relationships and bad, you have successes and failures. Analyze all parts of your life and discover where you can maximize each area. How do you make the fun times more fun, the relaxing times more relaxing, the work times more concentrated? And especially only have relationships with people who are positive and support you, keep the negative people at arm's length and away from you as much as possible - they will only steal your dreams.

12. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS do what you say you'll do. If you commit to something - make sure you do it. I have to say that this is the #1 habit that will make you stand out in life. So many people are full of 'baloney' when they tell you they'll do something and then create excuses why they didn't or can't follow-through. Committments are CRITICAL, but sadly you'll hear other people making dozens of committments a day that they have no intention of keeping - that's why they will always struggle.

YOU must do what you commit to - even if you don't want to it. Once you make the commitment, follow-through. What you'll find is that soon you'll only make commitments for things that you can fulfill - thus getting an amazing reputation of someone who always does what they say. Others will love that because no one else will have the follow-through that you do. This is a great reputation to have when investing in real estate or starting a business. Be careful when you make commitments - make sure you're prepared to follow through!

13. Hang out with winners not whiners! Learn what makes them winners and copy their habits. Whiners are the type of people who take no responsibility for their lives (in their mind, it's always someone else's fault). They wander around spreading rumors so they feel more important than they really are. Whiners will keep you back from achieving what you really want, they'll steal your dreams and make life a lot less fun. Winners, on the other hand, will gladly support you on your growth curve. The Super Successful know that the more they give, the more they get in return. Do the same, be a winner and successful people will be drawn to you!

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