I can say emphatically that Barrie is one of the best places to live in Ontario. Not only does the city have a thriving real estate market and economy, but it has access to some of the premiere natural landscapes in the province, Barrie is a wonderful place to live, work and retire.

Donít believe me? Well, let me explain:

You Can Do Everything In Barrie

I love going snowboarding. Itís one of my favorite pastimes, and in Barrie, Iíve got no shortage of options for ski resorts. Horseshoe Valley is just a few minutes away, and the city is also well-situated for day trips to Mount St. Louis Moonstone or Blue Mountain. If you love outdoor winter activities, then Barrie is a great hub city to reach the best resorts in Southern Ontario.

And the fun doesnít stop at the end of winter. It shocks me how many people are unaware of Barrieís incredible range of summer activities. The beaches in the city, like Centennial Park, are as lively and robust as anything youíll find in Wasaga, and for boat owners, there are numerous boat launches you can use to explore Lake Simcoe.

If beautiful natural landscapes and outdoor opportunities are important to you when choosing a place to live, then keep Barrie in mind.

Healthy Economy

Barrie is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Ontario, and for good reason. The city has a bustling economy, and falling unemployment rates. With quick access to Toronto, you also have the option to work in The Six, and live in Barrie.

If youíre planning on moving to Barrie, then Iíd act fast. Barrieís housing prices are soaring. The Re/Max spring report noted that prices rose by 39% in 2017 over last year. ThatísÖinsane. Only three other cities surveyed in the report even cracked the 30% mark. Living in Barrie has many benefits, and right at the top of the list should be that your money will be safely invested in Barrie real estate.

Low Crime Rate

Itís not just your money thatíll be safe, but you and your family as well. Barrie is consistently rated as one of the safest cities in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, the city has been in the top six safest cities, and has held the top spot for three years straight before dropping to number two in 2016, even though the overall crime rate also fell that year.

Whether youíre looking for recreational activities, a sound investment, or a safe environment to raise your family, Barrie is a clear contender to become your new place of residence.

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